Introduction Edit

Anyone could be a demigod. Infact, most famous people are secretly half-bloods; half mortal, half immortal. Now that that's said, you could be a demigod, so you are going to need to survive monster attacks regularly. This quiz is to help protect you from those monsters. So give it a go; it may save your life!

Also note that each answer has a letter. You need to remember the letters of your answer and at the end of the quiz, the letters will spell a secret code.

Quiz Edit

  1. Nymphs are nature spirits. They come in different types, including Dryads, Naiads and the deadly Maenads. How do you tell regular nymphs and Maenads apart?
    1. They have bat wings (C)
    2. They have Kool-Aid coloured skin (D)
    3. They like water (E)
  2. Gegenees are a ruthless species of giant born from Gaia/Terra. What makes them different from the older giants?
    1. They have 6 arms (E)
    2. They have black curly hair (F)
    3. They have 6 eyes (G)
  3. The three Furies/Dirae are servants of Hades/Pluto. They have appeared many times and their names are Tisiphone, Megaera and...
    1. Alectra (K)
    2. Alectro (L)
    3. Alecto (M)
  4. Arachne was an evil mortal who was turned into a spider for her boasts. She firsts for demigod blood, especially the blood of which god/goddess?
    1. Hephaestus/Vulcan (H)
    2. Athena/Minerva (I)
    3. Hecate/Trivia (J)
  5. The brood of the monsters Typhon/Typhoeus and Echidna have a slight tendency to breathe fire. Whilst fighting them, what is the best strategy?
    1. Give them blows with your sword (F)
    2. Stick your spear down their throat (G)
    3. Shoot arrows at it (H)
  6. If your demigod friend seems to be acting strangely, he/she maybe being possessed by an Eidolon. What must you use to get rid of it?
    1. Charm speak (O)
    2. A master bolt (P)
    3. Salt and vinegar (Q)
  7. Sirens were servants of Persephone/Proserpina, but when she was abducted by Hades/Pluto, she cursed the Sirens to become bird-like creatures that sing songs that lure sailors to their death. A good way to stop that fate from happening is to...
    1. Eat snakes (B)
    2. Play heavy rock music (C)
    3. Put wax in your ears (D)

Answers Edit

Congratulations! You have completed the quiz without being eaten by Drakons half-way through! If you have gotten all the questions right the letters should spell 'DEMIGOD'.